Sunsetting several WordPress plugins 

At the time of writing this post, We have a total of 54 plugins published on our website and a dozen more on the plugin repository.

And with WordPress 6.2 release planned in less than a month from now, March 28, 2023, we decided it’s a good time to summarise what are We up to and do some prioritizing.

Sunseting WordPress plugins

There are dozen of WordPress plugins that have been abandoned for over a year, simply because of the lack of time (and will) to test them with new WP releases and the most popular plugins. Therefore not giving them the attention they truly deserve.

That’s why We have decided to sunset several plugins, meaning that they will be removed from the repository and our website, but will be archived on GitHub in case anyone shares an interest to take over the development.

All these plugins will soon be published on our GitHub account.






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