Redis Object Cacher BETA

We are happy to announce a new WordPress plugin: Redis Object Cacher

Redis Object Cacher WordPress Plugin

The plugin Is intended to be used to easily enable Redis Object Caching on WordPress websites.

One activated, all you need to configure is Redis server and Port. By default these are and 6732 but if you use a custom port or remote server for Redis, simply save the information to plugin settings.

On submit, the plugin will try to establish connection to the Redis server, and, if successfull, it will save the data to wp-config.php file, create the wp-content/advanced-cache.php file and start caching requests.

On the plugin settings page, you can view Redis uptime, memory usage, processed requests, and even view the Keys (data saved in memory by Redis).

Redis Object Cacher Information Page

Every page is cached on the first page visit, and you can even preload the cache using the “Cache Warmup” option. Simply insert link to your sitemap.xml file and the plugin will index all pages and “war” the cache by storing them in redis memory.

Redis Object Cacher Warmup Page

For faster redis management, plugin adds 5 WP-CLI commands:

TO DO for the next version:

  • Purge Cache option on every Post/Page in the Toolbar;
  • Option to configure: cache TTL, exclude and include pages;
  • Real-time stats in the dashboard;

Currently the plugin is released on Github and after proper testing it will be submitted to repository. We welcome everyone to download and test the plugin, every feedback Is appreciated.






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