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Here we share latest news from the HQ, what are we up to and what we think about the current WordPress state in general.

  • Contributing to ITMan Page Speed Insights plugin

    Another great WordPress plugin that I will personally devote more time in the future is ITMan Page Speed Insights. The plugin currently has less than 10 active installs and hasn’t been updated in more than 3 years, but I remember using this plugin back when starting my WP journey and browsing its source code in…

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  • Redis Object Cacher BETA

    We are happy to announce a new WordPress plugin: Redis Object Cacher Redis Object Cacher WordPress Plugin The plugin Is intended to be used to easily enable Redis Object Caching on WordPress websites. One activated, all you need to configure is Redis server and Port. By default these are and 6732 but if you…

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  • Cleaning the desk: 5 WP plugins are retired

    We are retiring several WordPress plugins: Auto Alt Tag WordPress plugin wp-config.php File Viewer Simple WHOIS Checker RBL Checker Anti-SPAM Comment Filter Database Tables The plugins are published on Github and are available for anyone to use or edit to suite their needs. We are “cleaning the desk” so that we can focus more on…

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  • Get plugin data from WordPress.org API

    All of our free WordPress plugins that are listed on this website are also published on the WordPress.org plugin repository here: https://profiles.wordpress.org/pluginsclub/#content-plugins The WordPress.org API provides an easy way for plugin developers to get and display their plugin data from the repository. We have integrated the API to automatically display up-to-date data from WP.org on our website. What’s…

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  • Sunsetting several WordPress plugins 

    At the time of writing this post, We have a total of 54 plugins published on our website and a dozen more on the WordPress.org plugin repository. And with WordPress 6.2 release planned in less than a month from now, March 28, 2023, we decided it’s a good time to summarise what are We up to and do…

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  • 1st Bad review on WordPress.org

    We just got our first 1-star review on WordPress.org for the plugin error_log File Viewer  🎉🥳 This is a simple plugin that allows you to view the error_log file and download it as a .txt file. But the fellow developer didn’t like it as he thought it would allow him to view the debug.log file instead and didn’t…

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  • WordPress Color Palette

    This is the official WordPress Color Palette 🎨 WordPress Theme & Plugin developers can use these colors that are already used in WordPress core: Source: WPXSS

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  • plugins.club is born!

    👋 Hi, my name is Stefan Pejcic. I am forging my decade-plus experience within IT doing: Technical Support, Web Hosting, System Administration, and WordPress plugin development. In 2015, when I was still in high school, I began creating plugins and selling them on CodeCanyon. I also registered the domain name whowp.com to host demo pages. As…

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