error_log File Viewer WordPress Plugin

View the error_log file from admin dashboard.

✔️ Code reviewed by Plugins Review Team

View WordPress error_log from the dashboard

View, sort, filter, download, empty error_log and more.

View raw error_log file

View last 25,50,100,200,500 or1000 lines from the error_log file.

Admin dashboard widget

Displays the total number of Notices, Warnings, Fatal or Database related errors in the log file.


Why would I need such a plugin?

The plugin allows you to view the error_log file right from the wp-admin dashboard, which is convinient when you need to quickly view the file and troubleshoot an error.

It saves time because you don/t need to login to your hosting account or FTP client to view the content.

Can I also view the debug.log file?

No, the plugin currently works only with error_log file, but we are working on extending it to support wp-admin/error_log, debug.log and other custom error log files.

Is it safe?

Yes, the plugin only allows you to view content of the error_log file, and will not cause issues with any other WordPress files or plugins.

The plugin code was initially reviewed by the Plugin Review Team, is regularry updated and follows best WordPress coding practise.

What if error_log is does not exist?

The plugin will display an error message and suggest to install another free plugin to enable/disable WP_DEBUG mode.

What if the error_log file is empty?

Enable error logging in PHP: link

Download for Free the error_log File Viewer WordPress Plugin

Version: 1.5.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(2) Compatible with WordPress 6.2.5 Last update: June 26, 2023