Toggle WP_DEBUG 🔴ON or 🟢OFF from the wp-admin bar.

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Enable / Disable WP_DEBUG Mode

WP_DEBUG Toggle allows you to Enable WP_DEBUG with one click to log PHP, database and JavaScript errors when you need to, and disable it when you’re done. No need to manually edit wp-config.php file.


Why would I need such a plugin?

The plugin allows you to quickly enable or disable WP_DEBUG Mode right from the wp-admin dashboard, which is convinient when you need to quickly enable debugging to display or log errors and disable it when you are done.

It saves time because you don’t need to login to your hosting account or MySQL service and edit the wp-config.php file to enable debugging/

How to know if WP_DEBUG is On or Off?

The current WP_DEBUG value will be detected by the plugin and shown in the top right corner of the top bar on both frontened and wp-admin.

Green color indicates that WP_DEBUG is Disabled, and Red color indicates that the WP_DEBUG is Enabled.

Is it Is it safe to use?

Yes, all the best development practices have been used and the plugin code is initially reviewed by WordPress.org Plugin Review Team.

How to enable or disable Debugging?

Simply click on the link in top right corner of the toolbar to enable/disable WP_DEBUG Mode.

I have moved wp-config.php file, will this plugin still work?

Yes, If you have moved wp-config.php file one folder above according to the Hardening WP guide this plugin will still detect the file there and work as normal. The only scenario when it will not work is if you renamed wp-config.php file to something else, for example: configuration.php

Download for Free the WP_DEBUG Toggle WordPress Plugin

Version: 1.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(1) Compatible with WordPress 6.1.6 Last update: February 7, 2023