Strong Password Generator




This plugin generates strong passwords using and displays them in a shortcode along with a button to copy the password to the user’s clipboard. The default password is 12 characters long and only includes letters. Users can directly use the shortcode options to include numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special symbols.


– A 12-character password with only lowercase letters.


Example: [passwd]

– A 14-character password with lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols.

[passwd length="14" include_numbers="1" include_symbols="1"]

Example: [passwd length=”14″ include_numbers=”1″ include_symbols=”1″]

– A 20-character password with only uppercase letters

[passwd length="20" include_uppercase="1" include_lowercase="0"]

Example: [passwd length=”20″ include_uppercase=”1″ include_lowercase=”0″]

– A 16-character password with all character types included.

[passwd length="16" include_numbers="1" include_lowercase="1" include_uppercase="1" include_symbols="1"]

Example: [passwd length=”16″ include_numbers=”1″ include_lowercase=”1″ include_uppercase=”1″ include_symbols=”1″]